Bamboo System Technology is the Cloud SAAS online learning platform and service provider based in Singapore.

Bamboo System Technology is recognized for its strength in innovative and fresh approach to provide open and advanced online learning solutions which will enable knowledge learning, collaboration and sharing. With a vision to develop a platform for everyone to learn and teach through the IT Technology, Bamboo created BambooCloud Learning Platform to enable organizations to easily develop, deliver and manage engaging online learning services.

BambooCloud has been deployed successfully in Singapore, China and UK markets, helping global enterprises, schools and universities, SMEs to build an integrated and easily scalable learning ecosystem, create innovative, engaging and personalized learning services to enable the instructors and learners to learn, teach and collaborate effectively.

Objective and Vision

Our Objective

To be the leading online technology and platform solution provider.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way of people's learning, knowledge creation and sharing.

Target Market & Product Line

Our Target Market

  • K12 education
  • High education institutes
  • Professional training
  • Corporate training and learning
  • Continuing education

Our Product Line

  • BambooCloud K12
  • BambooCloud H-ED
  • BambooCloud Enterprise
  • BambooCloud Industry