Through online teaching, we have realized teacher-student interaction in space. Online education is very different from traditional teaching. The diversity of the functions of BambooCloud helped us tailor-made learning solutions for different students and improve learning efficiency.


Camille Chen

Director of Synergy Learning Lab (SG)


BambooClass is a one-stop online education standardized learning and management system solution based on the concept of international education and latest technology, such as big data and artificial intelligence, and etc.


100% Cloud Ready To Go

Start your e-learning project in minutes to instantly deliver training to users across the globe with BambooClass.

Modern User Interface

BambooClass user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate for an unparalleled user experience.

Custom Branding

With BambooClass, you can customize your learning management system by adding your logo, color scheme, and custom layout and domain.

Adaptive Learning Support

Skill-based learning to recommend the personalized learning resources and path based on each learner’s learning profile and performance data.


Extend BambooClass by installing apps and integrating it with business tools, including CRM, Web Conferencing Tools, social media and more.

Unlimited Storage, Course, Bandwidth

No hidden fees or sur- prises. Courses, users, content and bandwidth are unlimited with BambooClass.

User Scenarios

K12 Education

Support multiple teaching methods for different subjects in primary and secondary schools.


Help provide lower operation and training cost, and achieve convenient communication across employees.

Education Institution

Help institutions create online learning platform with their own brand and enroll more students.

Interest Training

Promote education in Kids English, STEM, DIY, Arts, Photography, etc.

Professional Training

Provide online course training for different segments and issue recognized certificates.

Industry Association

Achieve efficient management of training, event, competitions and certificates.

The key features include

  • Online Course and Management
  • Online Course Learning
  • Exam and Assessment
  • Data Analytics
  • Interactive Video Class
  • School Homepage

Course Management

  • Online course creation
  • Courseware creation
  • Exam and Assessment
  • Course setting
  • Knowledge scope establishment
  • Course completion rule


Course Learning

  • Course registration
  • Online course learning
  • My Space
  • Mobile Learning

Exam and Assessment

  • Question bank
  • Paper
  • Online exam
  • Assignment
  • Online assessment and feedback



  • News
  • Forum
  • Message
  • Event

Data Analysis

  • Learning progress tracking
  • Course statistics
  • Dashboard
  • Platform usage report
  • Platform operation report



  • Site configuration
  • Homepage settings
  • Advertisement
  • Help documents
  • User management
  • System email template management

Course creation, course learning, assignment, exam assessment, video class, user management, class management, site configuration, etc.
Zoom, Jitsi, Youtube. In addition, 3rd party video meeting link is supported.
Yes. Users can click "Register" in the upper right corner of the main page of the website and complete account registration.
No need. Users do not need to install any software on computers or mobile devices. BambooClass can be used through a browser directly.
Yes. For better results, Chrome is recommended (Google).
English and Chinese. For an additional fee, the customer only need to provide the appropriate language package to be added.
The platform provides various types of courseware models. The main categories include:
  • Video/interactive video
  • Third-party online video playback
  • MS Office and PDF format files
  • Course compression package (SCORM, HTML5)
  • Rich media format
  • Exam/Quiz Module
  • Language learning function support mode
After students submit their homework, the teacher can review and give feedback on the homework. After that, students can view the homework feedback given by the teacher via my space.
Yes. Paypal, Creditcard, WeChat Pay, Alipay can be supported in BambooClass.
We have mobile Apps. You can download it with Google Playstore and Apple Store.