BambooCloud Enterprise

The diversity of the functions of BambooCloud helped us tailor-made learning solutions for different students and improve learning efficiency.


Camille Chen

director of synergy learning lab SG

BambooCloud Enterprise

Talents are the future of an enterprise, and learning organization will be the model of a successful enterprise in the future and also the trend of its future development. Learning is a company’s core ability to adapt to today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Bamboo has made use of the latest Internet cloud computing technology to elaborately build BambooCloud Enterprise Training Platform solution, helping enterprises, governments and other large organizations to organize and build a one-stop employee training platform. BambooCloud Enterprise Training Platform is a platform based on cloud technology.


It is not only a simple learning platform, but also provides a large number of management functions for enterprises. It can be easily integrated with other enterprise systems and customized to meet various personalized learning and training needs of different enterprises from different industries. It helps enterprises to establish and develop their own enterprise training system and build future learning enterprises.

  • New employee

  • Leadership

  • Training participation rate increase

  • Skills

Building an Open University for Enterprises

Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and build a learning organization to meet the growing business challenges.

Continuously Improve Staff Skills

In today’s digital age, everyone needs to keep pace with the times and improve their professional skills.

Improve customer experience

Customers and employees are the lifeblood of the company. Through scenario simulation and quizzes and other learning methods, they can effectively improve performance and better serve customers