BambooCloud, the learning platform for all your learning needs

BambooCloud is developed to provide one-stop online learning and management solution for schools, educational institutions and enterprises which are undergoing digital education transformation. With the latest cloud technology, BambooCloud helps educators to build an integrated and easily scalable online learning eco-system, creating innovative, engaging and personalized learning experiences; enabling the instructors and learners to learn, teach and collaborate effectively, anytime and anywhere.

Rapid Deployment

A few minutes to create your online learning platform.

Empower Teaching

Easy to transfer materials to online and improve teaching efficiency and quality.

White Labelling

Configure own logo, banner, advertisement, contact information, etc.

Learning Data Analysis

Comprehensive learning data analysis on learning progress and performance.

Collaborate and Real-time Interaction

Real-time video classroom, forums and blogs to enable everyone to get engaged and share.

Adaptive Learning Support

Skill-based learning to recommend the personalized learning resources and path based each learner’s learning profile and performance data.


Why use BambooCloud?

    Easy to use
    BambooCloud is simple, clean, and modern-plus. It’s intuitive for admins, teachers, and learners to use.

    100% Cloud ready-to-go
    Start your E-learning project in minutes to instantly deliver training to users across the globe with BambooCloud LMS.

    Powerful built-in courseware authoring tool
    To create the engaging and comprehensive online courseware content easily to fit different learning needs.

    Highly Customizable
    Customized platform according to your needs, suitable for wide range of industries.

    Comprehensive online learning tools and applications.
    One-stop solution with all the major online learning tools and applications.

    Comprehensive reporting and analytics
    Real-time reporting on all training activities to ensure training is complete and you can prove it.

Learning Market We Serve

Higher Education
Building Future Learning Model and “Ubiquitous University"
Provide personalized intelligent adaptive learning support
Building an open university for enterprises
Industry Learning
Delivering the right training courses at the right time

BambooCloud Typical Use Cases

BambooCloud integrates wide range functions and features to satisfy different learning needs of our users.
For every team and every use, we deliver the same great learning experience for any scenario and every learner— whether they’re your employees, students, or partners.


Home Tutoring


Onboard Training


Partner Training


Online University


Professional Training


School Industry Collaboration

Our Latest Projects

Bamboo has successfully worked with many clients across various industries, customizing platforms specifically to fullfill their learning needs.


Coachmaster Academy


Taoli Swimming Club Learning Platform


Huijia International School Online Learning Platform

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