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Education Technology and Platform Provider

Learning & Sharing

Can never be so easy for learners

Our Solutions

The platform to serve diversified market learning needs

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way people learn, and share

Easy to Use

No hardware device or software installation needed

Variety of Applications

Supports various applications and functions to provide the best learning experience

Highly Customizable

Customized platform according to your needs, suitable for wide range of industries

Why BambooCloud?

BambooCloud is designed to provide the best learning experience to our users.

  • Using the latest technology with lowest cost
  • Supports different learning methods, maximizes the strength of online learning
  • Multi-language support, suitable for international institutions and enterprises
  • Accurate data tracking and analysis

Our Clients

Bamboo has successfully worked with many clients across various industries, customizing platforms specifically according to their needs

  • Kyungbok University

    University and Higher Education, Singapore

    BambooCloud Online Learning Platform hosts the comprehensive program from Gateway Learning Solution of KBU, combining PC and mobile application to deliver training courses offering its Internet courseware using the company's Blended Learning methodology.

  • Xijing University

    University and Higher Education, China

    Bamboo provides an in-campus online learning platform for the largest private university in China

  • CMEC

    Professional Training, Sri Lanka

    BambooCloud provides the online training platform for the largest power plant enterprise

Highly Customizable Platform for All Industries

Bamboo does not only provide online education platforms for educational institutions, all other industries are welcomed to join us

  • K-12 Learning
  • Higher Education
  • Education Institution Learning
  • Corporate Staff Training
  • Product Training
  • Supplier Training
  • Public Education
  • Marketing

Latest Events

The Digital Education Show Asia 2016

Bamboo System Technology attended The Digital Education Show Asia 2016 in 18th of April, hosted in Malaysia. This show invited educational institutes, governmental departments and technology and solution providers from over 40 countries and districts, to discuss about the current Asian digital education market.

During the show, Bamboo discussed with many other companies about the solutions to the current digital education market problems, meanwhile introducing our online platform to them. The companies were impressed with our platform and unique business model, and…

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Hear it from our existing users

BambooCloud has received much positive feedback from our clients and users, let's hear it from them

The Bamboo Education Cloud Platform is suitable for a great variety of teaching methods, especially blended teaching method, and as this immersive camp has shown, students can quickly take to the more flexible learning methods that suit their lifestyles. As a teacher, I'm ecstatic to see that my students participate actively and enthusiastically in classroom activities as well as online tasks and assignments - BambooCloud is instrumental for this significant change!

- KBU Program Facilitator   Ted Tay

BambooCloud platform is very convenient to use, and very helpful when it comes to training for employees, especially for new employees with little knowledge about professional skills. And long-distance video conference function could be so helpful to me as I could provide training for employees without having the travel so much, it definitely has saved me a lot of time and cost.

- Chief Trainer of CMEC   Lu Yi

At present there are many college online learning platforms in China, however, they are all standardized which does not suit perfectly with our teaching requirements. An effective course learning platform should always consider the real needs of individual users, including students and teachers. The technical team from Bamboo System Technology are very professional, and they helped us designed a practical and effective online learning platform which suits our situation perfectly.

- President of Xijing University   Ren Fang

What We Provide

BambooCloud integrates variety of functions in the platform to satisfy different learning needs of our users

Interesting Online Learning Experience

Our platform supports various courseware formats, including pdf, videos, flash, videos with images and etc. No more boring textbooks, it's all about enjoyable learning!

Online Assessments

Online exams, tests and assignments. Answering questions online or through mobile apps, submit answers with just one click, and here you go, instant exam paper results with detailed explainations. Saves so much time for manually marking papers!

Interactive Virtual Community

How could you learn purely on your own? Interact with others makes it more fun and effective. BambooCloud offers more than one functions for interact among users. There are dicussion forums, blogs, messages, video conferences and etc. All the functions just to keep you connected in this virtual learning community.

Easy Back-stage Management

It is easy for administrators to use the console page with all the necessary functions and information clearly listed. Admins may manage course resources, forums and blogs, edit the homepage information and monitor learning progress of users and so on.

Accurate Big Data Tracking and Analysis

BambooCloud tracks all data used in the platfrom and provides detailed analysis to our users. For example, there are learner progress reports, provided to instructors to understand learner study behaviors. And there are exam result analysis, course detail tracking, user log and many more.

Mobile Learning Anytime Anywhere

BambooCloud mobile applications enable your mobile learning. Access learning contents anytime and anywhere. It could be specially helpful for blended learning method, using mobile apps during class for a fun experience!