The platform to reshape the future learning


Designed for every learner and educator

  • Learn

    Online course creation, management; Question banks and exam modules creation and management; Learning analytics

  • Collabrate

    Virtual video classroom; Interactive whiteboard; Messaging

  • Share

    Course-centric discussion forum; Learning community; Teaching note and blogs

Why BambooCloud ?

  • Easy to use
    BambooCloud is elegantly designed. It’s very easy for teachers and learners to use.
  • 100% Cloud ready-to-go
    Start your next online learning project in minutes and instantly deliver training to users across the globe with BambooCloud.
  • Powerful built-in courseware authoring tool
    To create the engaging and comprehensive online courseware easily to fit into different training ing needs.
  • Highly customizable
    Customized platform according to your needs, suitable for wide range of industries.
  • Comprehensive online learning tools and applications.
    One-stop solution with all the major online learning tools and applications.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
    Real-time reporting on all training activities to ensure training is always tracked with data evidence.

Learning Market We Serve

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Higher Education

Reshaping the higher education with more open and engaging learning experience.



Making the K12 learning more simple and interactive.

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Building the future learning enterprises.

Our Recent Clients

Bamboo has successfully worked with many clients across various industries, customizing platforms specifically to fullfill their learning needs.

  • Singapore Power

    Professional Training, Singapore

    BambooCloud is deployed as the online training platform to address all the training needs of Singapore Power which is one of the largest enterprises in Singapore.

  • Xijing University

    University and Higher Education, China

    Bamboo provides an in-campus online learning platform for the largest private university in China which is used by 30000 students and teachers.

  • CMEC

    Professional Training, Sri Lanka

    BambooCloud powers the online training platform for the largest power plant in Sri Lanka.

Highly Customizable Platform for All Learning Needs

BambooCloud is designed for diversified industry market segments

  • K-12 Learning
  • Higher Education
  • Enterprise learning
  • Vertical industry market
  • Enterprise Partner Training
  • Industry Supplier Training
  • Product training
  • Professional Training

What We Provide

BambooCloud integrates wide range functions and features to satisfy different learning needs of our users

Comprehensive Management

  • Site management
  • Department management
  • Class and group management
  • User management

Video Conference

  • Webinar
  • One-to-one teaching
  • One-to-many teaching
  • File sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Live chat
  • Interactive white board
  • Real-time problem release

Comprehensive online learning experience

  • Online Course Learning
  • Study notes
  • Forum and blog
  • Smart classroom
  • Gamification

Exam & Assessment

  • Question bank creationa and management
  • Exam paper creation and mangement
  • Online exam
  • Online assessment and feedback
  • Learning record and progress tracking
  • Learning data analysis report

Powerful Teaching Tools

  • Courseware creation and management
  • Class and group management
  • Learning result report and progress tracking
  • Teaching notes
  • Knowledge topic and structure creation and management
  • Customized learnng apps

Communication & Sharing

  • News and announcement
  • Forum and blog
  • Messages
  • Sharing folder
  • Survey
  • Event
  • Mobile apps

Our Clients and Partners